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Can you create a unique out-of-the-box event for us?

Yes!  We pride ourselves on creating unique experiences tailored to an event that completely represents you! We can certainly create traditional events as well, however we thrive on events that are creative! We create experiences and magical memories to last a lifetime!

Do you travel?  

Yes!  We travel anywhere.  Of course, depending on location, travel fees and accommodations may apply if it’s anywhere further than 1.5 hours travel time from either of our main locations of the Hudson Valley, NY or Colorado Springs, CO.

What is your minimum guest count for private dinners?

For private chef experiences, we suggest starting with a group of ten (10) although smaller groups have happily secured our services and simply enjoyed leftovers.  The larger the guest count for your gathering, the lower the per head price. This includes intimate proposal dinners or anniversary dinners for two, however we do have minimums that must be met in terms of pricing.

Do you offer cooking classes at our location?

Yes! We always ask for a link to the vacation rental you are staying at showing the kitchen, dining and grilling facilities we would have to work with (if your private home, we ask you to send pictures of the same). Additionally, your space must allow for the size of your group.

Do you require an initial consult before providing proposals or quotes?

Yes, we do.  Your time is precious and we are extremely focused on a customized experience so an introduction either by phone or a Zoom meeting is required in order to see if we are a match for one another.  It is also a faster way to swap information and then we send an email detailing what we discussed so you have it for your records.

How much does a wedding cost?

Often the first question a couple asks, this can only be answered with certain information provided. There are many factors that affect overall cost.  We need details such as date, guest count, venue, which food elements you desire at your wedding (ie: welcome station, cocktail hour, reception dinner, dessert/coffee, late-night snack send off, rehearsal dinner, welcome party, farewell brunch. We can also provide other services such as planning and staffing, managing vendors and rentals, etc., so each wedding is unique and priced accordingly. We do have 3 packages based on 100 person guest count for 5 hour services listed on The Knot if you’d like to check that out to get an idea before setting up an initial consultation. Please see average wedding cost question answer.

What information do you need to provide us with cost for catering our event?

We need to know certain basics to provide a quote. Guest count, length of event, location, how many food elements throughout the day, is there an on-site kitchen equipped enough to handle the event or do we need to rent in a kitchen tent, do you need food only or do you also need beverage service, serving staff, assistance with rentals, are you working with a planner are taken into consideration.  Then, we can get more precise.

What is an example range of your food costs for a wedding of 150 people?

For traditional elements such as welcome station, cocktail hour, dinner, coffee/dessert our packages can start anywhere from $37,000 and can go up. Price varies depending on menu options, service styles, and any add-on elements. Please visit The Knot and go to our page to view our price list which shows averages for 100 guests, 5 hour service to get an idea. We can also send that to you directly when we schedule our initial consultation.

Can you handle every aspect of our event?

Yes, we can provide everything from in-house planning services to full staffing, securing and managing all of the vendors for your event so that you can be stress-free. Beyond answering questions of your preferences leading up the event, you can arrive to your party and Mangia and Enjoy! Please note: Additional fees are incurred with this type of service.

Do you accommodate special dietary concerns?

Yes! We handle any and all dietary concerns in a creative and flavorful manner.  We firmly believe in respecting and honoring all dietary restrictions so that each guest has an incredibly satisfying and memorable experience.

What do you expect in terms of gratuity?

Gratuity is always at the discretion of the client, otherwise it is no longer a gratuity and it becomes a fee.  Just like when you go to a restaurant, if you are thrilled with the meal and service, you provide a gratuity.  Generally, gratuities for all vendors can range anywhere from 15% and can go as high as 50% of the total bill. Gratuity completely depends on your experience and, of course, what the total bill is and what you plan to budget for. In NY State, including a gratuity is not legal, otherwise it is considered a fee. A gratuity is always up to the discretion of the client!

Do I need a Planner for my event?

If your event is over 75 people, Yes, please.  A Planner is a priceless entity for your event.  Even if you’re a Planner or logistical genius, the last thing you want to be doing on the day of your event is having concerns about where vendors are loading in and checking rental drop-off lists.  Please call with any questions. We do have in-house Planning as well as great recommendations for excellent Planners with different packages.

Do you offer rehearsal dinners and farewell brunch services for weddings?

Yes, we love creating an entire weekend of food, or simply one of the days.  Welcome Parties, Rehearsal Dinners, Wedding Day, Farewell brunches, we do it all! Contact us for your initial consultation.

Do you offer discounts on mid-week events?

Yes, for large events, we do!  Especially during peak season of May through October.  For private dinners, mid-week, and year-round remain the same.

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