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Hi! In my straightforward, interactive, and engaging style, I am thrilled to speak for your organization to provide the most helpful information and actionable steps with inspirational and motivational direction. After all, if I could save someone a decade of trial and lead them straight to tribulation, my mission would be fulfilled! From the large stage to a vibrant podcast or webinar, let’s connect & make a plan to delight your organization’s clientele.

Planning and scheduling are paramount, so contact me today, and let’s get started.

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Sarah Chianese


Sarah Chianese Bio

Sarah Chianese (Key-uh-NAY-zay) is an award-winning wedding industry professional who has been planning large scale productions and events for over 30 years, and catering boutique weddings for over a decade with Mangia and Enjoy. A 2023 Finalist for NACE Best Catered Event of the Year and longstanding Best of The Knot Hall of Famer, Sarah has been published in over 50 wedding industry articles, has been on various wedding and event industry podcasts, a Wedding MBA Speaker, Weddings Insider Speaker, and NACE Denver panelist, has presented on Book More Weddings Summit, and is an expert on Gen Z Weddings, amongst other relevant topics.

A member of WIPA, NACE, ICA, ILEAH, MIC, NSA, SWP, Emerge Event Collective, WIS, SCWCC, CWPS, and OFD, Sarah wants nothing more than to spread her passion and knowledge to industry professionals who have been in longstanding business, as well as those who are just starting out.

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Sarah’s Speaking Topics
Outside-the-Box Weddings

Embracing out-of-the-box wedding ideas!

Generation Z: the Lowdown!

Get the scoop on Generation Z Weddings & Events!

Wedding Trends

Current trends in the wedding industry!

Global Flavors

Implementing the imperative: World cuisine to thrill! Why, and how.

“Sarah is an engaging speaker with zest. Sarah’s information is not only timely and relevant, but trendsetting. She has an amazing insight into our events industry.”

Sarah Chianese speaking at Wedding MBA
Presentation Style

Straight forward


Interactive (engages audience)

Uses the stage

Actionable & inspirational deliverables

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Featured Podcasts
Gratitude Series with Sarah Chianese: Embracing Chutzpah in the Kitchen and Beyond Podcast Graphic
Podcast: Title:

Ever wondered what happens when a fashion maven steps into the world of haute cuisine? Dive into the incredible story of Sarah Chianese, a trailblazer who seamlessly transitioned from the fashion world to an esteemed executive chef. 

Here are three captivating takeaways from this flavorful episode:

1. Embracing Fusion:
Sarah’s journey embodies the fusion of passion and talent. Discover how her Italian heritage and Brooklyn upbringing ignited her belief in food as the ultimate expression of love. Explore her mantra, ‘mangia and enjoy,’ a delicious testament to her roots that’ll leave your senses tingling.

2. Courage to Redefine Success:
Uncover the power of saying ‘yes’ and embracing humility in the pursuit of success. Sarah’s story exemplifies how a service-oriented mindset and unwavering courage helped her challenge societal norms, redefining success on her terms. Learn how she lives by the motto ‘do it with chutzpah or don’t do it at all’, a guiding force in her inspiring journey.

3. The Heart of Authentic Connections:
Join us as Sarah and I delve into the significance of genuine connections in both life and business. From wedding summits to book clubs, we emphasize the importance of authentic relationships. Discover our shared mission to empower women in the wedding industry toward financial freedom.

Tune in for a delectable conversation brimming with resilience, authenticity, and the art of savoring life’s flavors. Let Sarah Chianese’s story inspire you to embrace your uniqueness and pursue your passions with unwavering determination.

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How To Repair a Working Relationship Podcast graphic
Podcast: Title:
  • The dynamics of different working relationships
  • The importance of respect
  • Things that can break relationships
  • Reflecting on your role in working relationships
  • Conflict resolution strategies
  • How to know if it’s time to let go of a relationship
  • The value of self-awareness
  • Skills that will help you repair a working relationship
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Member NSA
Seaker Wedding MBA
Wedding Insider

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