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    • Plated Service

      Individual meals to be pre-chosen and table seating arrangements provided

    • Main Option Choices

      Chicken: (always organic, Hudson Valley, pasture-raised) o Organic, local, slow-roasted fresh herb, lemon, white wine with peach/apricot glaze o Proscuitto wrapped panko, herb and garlic crusted organic chicken tenders o Jamaican Ginger Coconut Ginger Curry Stewed Organic Chicken o Slow roasted organic Chicken Cacciatore

    • Soup

      -Organic vegetarian lentil -Organic vegetarian pasta fagioli topped with shaved parmesan -Organic vegetarian pozole -Organic vegetarian butternut squash with mapled apple cubes and fresh thyme -Organic vegan Jamaican coconut ginger curry stew -Organic vegetarian Italian minestrone